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Commission Info: OPEN

550 :points: Chibi Sticker
Cisaya Sticker by SamuraiflameVoid Sticker by Samuraiflame

1600 :points: Points Colored
+800 :points: For Every Character
+400 :points: For Background
NARCOTIC by SamuraiflameCRYSTAL ICE by SamuraiflameBLACK POWDER by Samuraiflame

2500 :points: Colored
+1000 :points: For Every Character
+400 :points: For Background
Sentus x Blaze [Pirate Ship] by SamuraiflameApril x Raphael [SexDemon Ship] by Samuraiflame

4000 :points: Colored
+1600 :points: For Every Character
+800 :points: For Background
Through the Forest [Redraw] by SamuraiflameThe Tempest by SamuraiflameThrough the Skies [Redraw] by Samuraiflame


Important Updates, Open Voice Auditions!

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 1, 2015, 10:05 AM

UPDATE 21/06/2015

Hey guys, just letting those of you who want to voice act for me another chance! Official auditions for Auburn Sunset are open, now with 5 MORE CHARACTERS!



I'm sure many of you have noticed the pretty static percentage on my page for the progress of Chronicles of Reflection.
Admittedly, I haven't started on Chapter 2 yet. I also glanced back in my gallery and I realized... I announced Auburn Sunset sometime in Fall of 2013.
Time is going by way too fast what the heck

So it's time to reorient myself with my projects. I have about... 3 months of summer vacation left, which is enough to accomplish something if I really crack down.
Therefore, I'll start up another TO DO List for this summer, and hopefully at least make some progress with some of it. 


  • Chronicles of Reflection: Chapter 2 - 5%
  • Auburn Sunset: Chapter 1 - 5%
  • Support Log - 20%

Auburn Sunset: Chapter 1

Like the name implies, this will be the first chapter of my new visual novel, Auburn Sunset. I've posted plenty of information, teasers, fake screenshots and etc over the years, but I'm sure the hype has worn off since I've basically announced the game is not going to come out for a long, long time. There's a couple reasons for that, and most of it has to do with my lack of time now that I'm in university and a lack of resources. 

Firstly, the art. 
I actually have all of the main sprites drawn and completed, most of the text box and graphics done and the basic bare bones for the visual novel appearance. Basically, what I'm looking for help with is
  • Background Artists
  • Storyboard Artists 
  • Animators
Ideally, it would be great if I could do all these things on my own, but I'm well aware that this is a heavy workload. Unlike Demon Hunt, I do want Auburn Sunset to be more of a group collaboration with multiple people investing their skills to create a bigger and better product. 

Next, the voices. 
My visual novels are probably the most well known due to them being the only(??) fully voice acted games here (for free) on deviantart. While Auburn Sunset (most likely) WON'T be fully voiced (due to technical and file size limitations), there will STILL be voiced cut scenes in the game. If the game gets a LOT of support, I may consider making the entire thing fully voiced like Demon Hunt... But only if there's a huge demand for it. 
Anyways, I've posted up auditions almost a year ago, and I've managed to get a few new people on board. There's two major voice roles left that need to be filled, both of them male. 
All of the info can be found on the Demon Hunt Forums, in THIS LINK.
  • Stryker Redael - Male Voice 
  • Vance Reyals - Male Voice
  • Jasper - Male Voice
  • Halton - Male Voice
  • Elida - Female Voice
  • Ilana - Female Voice
  • Gadiel - Male Voice
There is also the issue of Chisoku's Voice Actor, who may or may not be continuing with his work. I have yet to confirm it, but I'll announce the changes should there be any. 

Lastly, the soundtrack. 
Auburn Sunset will have a completely original soundtrack (not counting sound effects) composed by people on the team. So far, we have several tracks done already courtesy of Jay. However, I'm looking to expand the soundtrack and have another composer to create music for the game for the tracks we're still missing. If anyone's interested or knows someone who produces ORIGINAL music (either through Garageband, FL Studio or some other program with free resources) then let me know. 
  • Music Composer
The issue of writers, editors, testers and all that is for the most part covered. I don't want to delegate ALL the work to other people, because I do take great pride in my visual novels being mostly SamuraiFlame Productions. That, and because this is a free project with absolutely 0 monetary budget and 0 profit for us. I don't earn a cent from making these games, and obviously it's the fan support that keeps me going. Likewise, everyone else who's helping is also doing it for free, and this is all voluntary work. 

Chronicles of Reflection: Chapter 2

This project I will take on by myself, due to it being mostly a personal (and experimental) thing for my leisure work. Again, I have most of the sprites done, it's really just a matter of doing backgrounds and the writing. Chapter 2 will hopefully come out sometime this summer, but since there hasn't been a huge fan demand for this series, it will probably be kept as something I do on the side rather than the focus of my efforts. 

Support Log

More or less, a surprise flash coming up. It'll feature all of the main casts from both Demon Hunt and Auburn Sunset... but for what? Guess you'll have to wait and see. 


I've posted my commission info on my profile page now. I'll keep them open until the end of summer for anyone who's interested, so yeah. That's a thing. More detail in this journal. 
Open Point Commissions -LIMITED TIME-Can it be... Yes, I'm finally opening commissions. 
le gasp
Mainly because my premium membership is ending and I need more points to extend it for the next year or so. 
The selection is EXTREMELY limited because I want to do these as quickly as possible, and it's easier with things I'm familiar with. 
Slots will also be fairly limited. These commissions will probably only be open until August. 
What I Can/Will Draw
- Anime/Manga/Video Game/TV/Movie Characters
- Original Characters
- Fanservice (including mild yaoi/yuri)
- Monsters/Animals (provided references)
What I Can't/Won't Draw
- Anthos/Furries
- Mechas
- Explicit Nudity/Porn/Gore/Weirdshit
Drop a comment or note me if you're interested. Please have clear references available. 
1. ArxEinsam (PAID - COMPLETE)
2. Rina-ran (PAID -

What can YOU do to support us?

I know a lot of good long-time fans who have really kept me motivated to work over the years. This section is basically just to plug all the ways that you guys can give me and the rest of the team some extra love if you can't directly help with our projects, or ways for you to learn more about us and what we do. 
  • Try the Bang For Your Buck DEMO
    • Bang has been in an on and off work state, but there's plenty of content to try and give direct feedback on. Unfortunately, it only runs on PC, but there are ways to play it on the Mac if you have Wine. It's basically a prequel to Auburn Sunset featuring Nike, so it's the perfect thing to get your hype on if you're excited for AS.
  • Watch and Subscribe to Demon Hunt Plays on Youtube!
    • Want more Nike, Dreymeil and Ralph? Want more Let's Plays of video games? Then what the heck are you waiting for? 
  • Join the Demon-Hunt-Redux Group here on Deviantart!
    • While the group activity is pretty slow (my fault) and the RP section is closed, it's still a place for you to submit any fanart or your original characters to the Demon Hunt world, and earn some bonus brownie points in doing so. You can also meet the other members, and everyone's super freakin' nice.
  • Read the Crimson Daybreak Wiki!
    • Basically, all of the information you could EVER need on the World of Reflection, Demon Hunt, Auburn Sunset and everything else spoiler-tastic. I keep it super updated, and there's already nearly 200 pages of info you can read up on. 
  • Just Comment!
    • Probably the easiest thing that most of you are already doing. I love talking to you guys, and I basically try and reply to every comment and feedback. If you have questions, suggestions or anything, seriously. Just comment. 
This has been a hell of a long journal and I will be seriously surprised if anyone read it all. Mostly, it's just for me to organize my thoughts and plans for the future, and I'll leave it up for a while.

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Sam I Am
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Release date was August 24, 2013.

2. What programs do you use?

Mainly Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 for art. Macromedia Flash 8 for flashes and animations. Audacity for audio editing/recording. Yeah.

3. Can I voice act for you?

I hold auditions when I need new voice actors for characters. But usually, I ask friends who can do it for me before other people, so it's rare when I need more voice actors.

4. Do you take requests/commissions/art trades?

Usually, no. I'll make a journal if I'm open to any of those, so look out for that. Otherwise, I'm too busy doing my own stuff.

5. What tablet do you use?

A Wacom Bamboo FUN. It's rather old but it works and that's all that matters.

6. Are you going to make another game after Demon Hunt?

Bishplz there's already one in production called Sol Occidens, on DemonHuntRPG's page. I am also making another Visual Novel called Auburn Sunset.

7. Can I draw/write about your characters?

Go ahead! You don't need to ask. I'd just like to see the finished product and a credit in the description once you're done so I can love it.

Approximately how often do you upload new deviations? 

15 deviants said Other [Comment!]
9 deviants said Monthly
8 deviants said Yearly
5 deviants said Weekly
3 deviants said Daily or every other day


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