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September 7, 2013
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Auburn Sunset: Teaser by Samuraiflame Auburn Sunset: Teaser by Samuraiflame
A spin-off to Demon Hunt you ask? Why yes, there is!
Similar to the Demon Hunt RPG, which focuses on the demons at Xsainu Castle, Auburn sunset will focus on Cisaya as she travels to the Island of Talhe to live with the humans in the Tiletia Kingdom.

As of now, the story is still being developed, but I CAN tell you about the main protagonists of this story.

Cisaya Reyals
Age: 23
Appearance: Female, long brown hair. White and orange jacket, leather gauntlets, boots and pants. Uses a long sword.
Role: Main character of the story. She was currently happy living at Xsainu with the cursed demons Chisoku, Dreymeil and Eclipse, but she is struck with a condition that threatens to fade her from existence. Believing that she may fade soon, she decides to return to her family in South Port. Cisaya promises to go back to Xsainu once she has overcome her condition. Upon returning to her home town, Cisaya is able to spend time with her family, until she learns of the legendary demon slayer. With her dad's encouragement, she sets sail to Talhe looking for answers to her own condition and a way to break her friends' curses.

Nike Harbring
Age: 27
Appearance: Male, spikey chestnut hair. Green eyes, tanned skin. Ripped grey shirt, leather belt, gauntlets, baggy pants and boots. Uses a bastard sword.
Role: Male lead. He is from the village of Drelk, located in the wilderness of Talhe. He was raised by his father to fight and slay monsters who had attacked their village, before he grew bored of living in the small town and decided to travel and find better work. He meets Cisaya and attempts to mug her, but ends up falling flat on his face due to starvation and exhaustion. Although he is thankful for Cisaya paying for a meal and lodgings for them both, he dislikes her constant nagging and chatter. Nike is driven mainly on the will to survive, and living life for what he wants (money, fighting, food and sex). He is eventually persuaded to find work with Cisaya with the royal demon hunters, but he is only in it for the large rewards.

Age: 6
Appearance: Male, silky brown fur
Role: Traveling companion to Cisaya. He is a mischievous and crafty sea otter. He likes hiding under Cisaya's clothes, sharing food with her, sleeping with her and bathing with her, much to Nike's chagrin. Throughout the story, Cisaya talks to him and confides her feelings with the otter, and he usually comforts her.

Sound familiar to some of you? If you've lurked my gallery thoroughly enough you might find some old art of Nike and Whiskers =u=

Unlike Demon Hunt, this story is driven more by adventure and action than romance. But of course, you can always expect my silly comedy to be there.
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emmy1ou Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013

are you keeping drey?


Misty987cp Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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Void? Maybe? Please? O.O
Samuraiflame Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
Nope :iconwhistleplz: 
Lowmarean Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sad :'(
Bleach4evs Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013
And so Cisaya's adventures continue .O.
If you can do this without stressing yourself out too much, we would all greatly appreciate this continuation ;u; Cisaya's a really cool heroine and it's great that things don't stop for her either even though Demon Hunt is over : D
Samuraiflame Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
Protagonist's work is never done :iconherotimeplz:
I don't plan on starting in a looong long time XD Or at least, there won't be another game in a loong time. 
Bleach4evs Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
You deserve a break : D Take as much time as Cisaya and her "new" friends (I recognized them c: ) allow you to xD 
mii-tea Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
auburn sunset trio
de brown squad
de brunny nettes
Samuraiflame Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
Loooooool :icondivaplz:
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